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Offering Convenient Bottle Service

Cocktails To Go

Wed & Thur 12PM - 9PM - Fri to Sun 12pm - 10pm

Frozen Beverages


Margarita 7/12

fresh lime, citrus juice, caña

Strawberry Daiquiri 8/13

fresh strawberries, lime, citrus juice, caña

Mojito 8/13

lime, mint, caña

Piña Colada 8/13

fresh pineapple , coconut, pineapple juice



Sangria Tranquillo 13/56

Spanish tempranillo, brandy, rum, pomegranate liqueur, orange juice, jupina

Sangria Limonada 13/56

Spanish white wine, rum, lemon juice, sparkling wine float, kissed with cinnamon and sugar

Sin Alcohol | Non-Alcoholic


Watermelon Lemonade 5/7

fresh watermelon, fresh lemon juice, caña

Caña Sweet Tea 3/4

daily brewed, sweetened with guarapo

Cuban Sodas bottled 3

Jupina, Iron Beer, Malta, Materva

World Famous Mojitos!


Cuban Style 14/56

plantation 3-star, Barbados

Million Dollar 15/60

bacardi 8 años, Puerto Rico

Miami Style 16/24

angrostura 7 yr, Trinidad

Saoco 13/52

coconut cream

Classic 12/48

silver rum

Cerveza | Beer


Bottled Beer 7/16

Dos XX, Negra Modelo, Heineken, Xingu

Draught Beer 7

Stella, Modelo Especial, Corona, Goose Island IPA

Cafe | Coffee

Cafe Cubano 3.5
Cortadito 3.5
Cafe con Leche 5
Coffee Mr. Espresso 4
Latte Mr. Espresso 5