• Closeup of a plate of seafood paella with some lime on the side
  • Closeup of a Caribbean-style braised oxtails dish

Caña Cuban
Parlor and Cafe

About us

If you sat five Cubans down and asked them all how a certain dish should taste, you would probably get five different opinions on how that item should taste and best represent Cuban cuisine. Cuban food reflects its rich socio-cultural history and also continues to evolve as a natural byproduct of our creative spirit.

Essentially, Cuban food is a mix of Spanish (Spain), African, and the food sources found naturally on the island. But there are few general flavors that inhabit the Cuban palette. At Caña, foremost is our sofrito, mojo and verde sauces. They are the trilogy and base of much of our cooking!

Thank you for sharing this experience with us

We also are fortunate to have tremendous organic farming in California and whenever possible try to incorporate the rich flavors and textures locally produced. Here at Caña we feel Oakland and Cuba are kindred spirits with its rich diversity, love of culture and sense of consciousness... and play!